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What the heck is a micro-school?

Micro-schooling. Pod-schooling. Pandemic Pods - they're all the rage! Micro-schooling is being called "an extreme response to an extreme time" - but in fact, it's really just a throw back to a sort of (tiny) one-room schoolhouse! A few families, usually 3 - 5, with children within a few grades of one another, form a "pod" combining resources, sharing home-schooling duties, and often hiring a professional to support their students' academic, and socio-emotional success to provide a rich educational experience during this difficult time. Many of these micro-schools are being held outside in one family's backyard or enclosed porches, when weather permits. This is a great option to get kids off screens and back to hands-on, vibrant, meaningful life learning experiences! If you'd like to learn more, please feel free to contact me!

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