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What does yoga (and other exercise) have to do with school work?

I took a much needed break today from my work, and headed to yoga. I felt a little guilty (I have so much to do!) but craved a break. I scored a spot right by the window, where I could watch the rain while practicing - and after a little over an hour, I was refreshed and ready to tackle my workload again! Why is exercise such a helpful study/work break? Some reasons:

* Improved physical AND mental health

* . Enhaces brain development

* . Reduces anxiety, stress, depression - and helps regulate mood swings

* . Enhances memory performance

* . Improves concentration

* . Helps you sleep better

* . Improves overall academic performance

And for me, it's also an opportunity to be playful - I love playing while posing in yoga!

To read about the research behind these great reasons to be practicing yoga and/or exercising, see below for the science behind the benefits:

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