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To summer school or not to summer school? That is the question!

Summer school doesn't mean giving up summer fun!

You've worked very hard all year. You may be feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, but summer is just around the corner so you're going for the goal, you're giving it your all for the next few weeks. Then what? SUMMER FUN! But many high school and college students discover great advantages to adding an online class or two to the mix. Here are some of the benefits of summer school online coursework:

* Improve your GPA

* Retake a class that was super difficult (or in which your teacher just wasn't the right fit for you)

* Get ahead, so your next school year is a little less stressy and busy

* Get a high school grad or college entrance prerequisite out of the way (like Health or Economics!)

TIPS for Summer School Success:

* If you love your summers and value that free breeze feeling, take ONLINE classes. While you will have assignments and deadlines, you'll be able to control your schedule and have fun while knocking out a class or two.

* Don't overdue it. One or two classes is a good guideline for success.

* Create a study schedule, knowing that you can build flexibility in. Think of this as an opportunity to practice structure within freedom, a skill all of us need for life success.

* Ask for help early, and get the support you need for summer school success. (HINT: Academic Coaching is a perfect support system for summer school success!)

* Make sure that you are motivated to success. If you aren't, you won't - online classes are built around self-motivation. Get your team members to help (parents, grandparents, friends, academic coaches, etc.), but ultimately, it's still up to you.

See you at the beach - and perhaps online - this summer!

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