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How are those New Year's Resolutions going?

I learn a lot from my students, and this January, I learned from a high school student why I never seem to keep New Year's Resolutions - most of us don't! Here's what works: Ditch the 'resolution' idea and instead, decide what incremental habit changes you want to embrace. Make them manageable and bite-sized. Choose just one or two at a time - that's plenty! Journal about your progress (and your setbacks). And finally, if you prefer a seasonal change, choose spring - it's warm, it's a time of rebirth, and we all have more energy to stick-to-our-commitments than we do when it's freezing cold outside!

If you are anything like me, not very well! I learn a lot from my students, and this January, I learned why from one of my high school students. New Year's Resolutions don't work for most of us! What does work? Choosing small, manageable changes; Journalling successes and challenges (yes, failures) and celebratng both; implementing one or two changes at a time; and ideally, start in the spring when new life and warmth are in the air! Spring is a much better time of year to implement change for most of us! Learn more about what works and what doesn't:

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