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What my clients say ...

Thanks so much for all you've done for Brooke (and for our family). I  appreciate it so much from the bottom of my heart! She got a 4.0 and I am so proud of her!  Monique thank you so much again and I love the beautiful note you sent her at the end of the semester!

                                                                                                                                                                                      Webb E., Palm Beach, FL


Monique not only coaches academically, but also she helps as a life mentor at the same time which everyone would love to have. I recommend her! 

Stella C., Fullerton, CA

Monique is wonderful!  My daughter is shy and an introvert.  She also has a learning disability. Monique is patient, kind, and so knowledgeable about many subjects.  My daughter and Monique quickly bonded. My daughter feels very comfortable with Monique. Monique is a blessing, and my daughter is thriving. 

Alice V, Glendale, CA

I wanted to let you know I got a 3.88 GPA... thank you sososososo much for your support and help! I couldn't have done it without you! 

                                                                                                                                                            Brooke E-W, Manhattan NYC  

Monique was one of the most popular teachers at our college. She dealt with students' struggles/needs with a very friendly but professional attitude at all times. Highly recommend.

Naoko A, Grants Pass, OR

Monique is interested in the quality and attention paid to the job at hand, yet always supportive, listening and responding promptly to questions, needs or complaints. Professional, Participative, Patient. A pleasure to work with.

Sharyn M, Pacific Palisades, CA

Monique is a great academic coach who really knows her stuff. She helps with everything from everyday school work to AP papers to test prep. A great find for anyone at any level who wants to do better in school, improve reading comprehension and writing, and learn test-taking skills that drive up scores. Great tutors are hard to find; this is one I highly recommend.

Rob M., West Los Angeles, CA

Very honest, trustworthy, committed, thorough, and competent.

Susan M., Princeton, New Jersey

I liked to study with Monique because 1. her personality is very very kind and also humorous. So I was always comfortable and excited to attend her class. 2. Her teaching skill is very good. I always finished her class without questions because her explanation was clear and thorough. Thank you Monique!

Satomi K, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Moving to another country with a different culture and without speaking English is definitely not easy. Luckily in my first month in America I met Monique and she made all difference in my new journey here. She gave me all professional and emotional support I needed to make me able to handle life away from home. I’ll be forever grateful for meeting this beautiful soul! Thank you so much Monique!

Carla M., Santa Monica, CA

Monique brings intelligence and warmth to teaching. Her experience in test preparation makes her an ideal coach for students tackling important exams. Her years working with international students is particularly valuable for students seeking greater competency in English reading and writing skills or for students preparing for success in college and university. Monique's rapport with young people ensures a learning experience that will build confidence along with mastery of the content.

Ann G., Santa Monica, CA

Monique is not only a coach but also a friend. She will be there when you need her. She will be the right choice if you need an academic life coach.

Mehmet U., Istanbul, Turkey

Ms. Abbett was indeed caring and passionate about students. I enjoyed learning with her.

Steven L., Irvine, CA

Regardless of who you are, moving to a new place half way across the globe is a challenging experience. You leave your friends and loved ones behind in an effort to better yourself and the first steps are always the most difficult ones. Mrs. Abbett made that experience a much simpler one. In a way, she acted as a nurturing mother and we were her adopted children, a home away from home. Although my experience with Mrs. Abbett wasn’t a long one, it was significant in my growth and helped shape who I am. A pure-hearted and helpful mentor that leaves a lasting trace on anyone she encounters.

Khalid A., Springfield, MO

I think she is a wonderful experienced tutor. She can point academic problems out and clarify them perfectly. She definitely helps people get better. 

Hsu C., Christ Church, New Zealand

Professional and easy going.

Consuelo F.,  Santiago, Chile

All the time is happy time to work with Monique!

Hsiao-Fang H., Ashland, OR

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